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Rabbits & Bears

On the rabbits. I didn't hunt any cottontails up around salmon I'm sure there's some around the creeks and rivers up there. If your looking for jacks Mud Lake wich is about 1.5 hours south of Salmon is usually pretty good. The desert around that area supports a good population and if you look up Mud Lakes history on rabbits, you see stories of the great bunny bashing days. The population was so out of control that groups of people would go out with bats and shotguns and push towards each other and kill hundreds of rabbits at a time with bats and shotguns. It was a little before my time but I heard of people pulling up to convient stores with trucks full to the brim with rabbits. Just don't hunt on INL property (Idaho National Labratory) you will be in deep crap if you do. Bear wise. Salmon area has always had a good population of bears. A lot of hunters use hounds in some of the areas up there. I would recommend finding a area where less dog hunters go and if you have the time put out your own bait. Bait and dogs are still the best way to get a bear.

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idaho is a great state for

idaho is a great state for the person who likes to go about there own business. Good hunting, but you have to work hard for it. both salmon and lewiston are gateway towns to central idaho. central idaho is as rugged as anywhere you will find on this planet. Lots of congressionally designated wilderness. also plenty of what others call wilderness but we call public land. Lewiston has a pulp mill so it stinks all the time. some call it the smell of money. I say it just smells. But if you like jet boats, lewiston would win hands down. Personally i would pick salmon over lewiston. Salmon is 6 hours from me and lewiston is 3 hours. I am in north idaho. The lewiston area has alot more people than the salmon area. But that is relative, since lewiston doesn't have to many people.

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