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Thanks for the actual field test report. Sorry to hear your guided trip wasn't the best. But I bet it sure beats having to work.

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Heck you got a bear congrats Thumbs up

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I use the LeverEvolutions in 45-70 for deer hunting in the brush with my Contender equipped with a laminated thumbhole stock and bushnell scope with BDC. All I have to say about them in the brush is that those saplings dont stand a chance and dont effect the trajector much at all.

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I have tried some in my 35 Rem and they worked great for accuracy, but I just don't like them. I am a hard cast bullet guy in my lever action rifles. 30-30, 35 Rem and 45-70. I am more than sure they will work great though. Thumbs up

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I got a catalog and a DVD from Hornady Sat. On the DVD they show what happens with the bullet. That soft tip enlarges going backward and starts expansion. But to me it seems like a gimic the sell bullets to lever fans and I dearly love Hornady. I'm in Redhawks corner. Were I shooting rifles that use them, I'd go with hard cast bullets.

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I purchased these new rounds for both my 45-70 & my 450. When I FINALLY pull a slug from a bear I will let you know. 'til then it's just whistl'in in the wind.
Actually either one of these calibers will do the job if SHOT PLACEMENT is right!

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