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lever revolution

has anyone heard anything good about hornady lever reevolution?

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lever revolution

I've shot a good bit of it in several different calibers. I've gotten sub MOA groups from the .444(265gr), 45-70(325gr) and .450 Marlin(325gr) flavors. I also have shot it in a 55yr old mod 760 in .35 Rem(200gr) and it gave me 1 3/8" groups in it. All in all I have to give it an excellent rating. Especially in the big bores, the overall cost is very competitive with older and less powerful loads. In other words, I'd never bother to shoot Remington, Federal, or Winchester fodder in my 45-70 or .444, more expensive and less powerful. No one else makes .450 except aftermarket loaders and they are all way expensive with loads not really any better than Hornady's two choices(unless you want or need a solid lead load). Thumbs up

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lever revolution

They work GREAT in my 45-70 Marlin 1895G Guide Gun; NO problems, accurate and powerful. I have not tried them yet in my 444 Marlin, but will soon with similar results, I'm sure. A definate must-buy! Yes

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Leverevultion bullets

I have 2 different weight bullets 200 & 250 grain for my 460 Encore, They are identical to the ML'er bullets but have a soft point. I have been using the Hornady 250 grain ML'er bullets in the encore with 1-1/2 " groups at 100 yards. I tried them and the 250 shot the same, same group and same point of impact. also shot the 200 grain they shot the same group size, but about 4" higher. I think hornady has a winner in these bullets. Now i can shoot my 460 alot cheaper as I can buy just the bullets (no sabots) Lou

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