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Leupold- Redfeld

Asked a guy I know of with in's at Leupold what the deal is with the Redfield's they are producing. Said he hasn't see them yet but got a call from a friend of his at Nosler that is trying them out, Chub Eastman. 100% made in Beverton, Ore, forever warenty and pass all the same test's as Leupolds. Chub thinks, "these are absolutely going to blow Bushnell and Nikon out of the water.

As an old Redfield fan I'm gonna be looking for them!

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Re: Leupold- Redfeld

I'm a leupold fan and I am also looking to try them out. If they work good and have the same warranty, it may hurt leupolds sales on their lower end scopes like the rifleman, vx1 and vx11. Think

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Re: Leupold- Redfeld

Yeah I had heard a while back that Leupold had bought the Redfield name. See the link http://www.biggamehunt.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=17493

Glad to hear that they will be doing the brand better justice than it's previous owner did. I think Leupold has to be the very last manufacurer of optic left here on USA soil. Does anyone else still make optics here, either sporting or industrial/medical anymore? Is Burris 100% imported now as well?

The only Redfield scope I have in on a rifle that was passed down to me. It's a great fixed power 6X scope. Dad said he bought it in 1963, manufacured right here in Denver,Colorado. Another rifle that was passed to me has an old vintage Bausch & Lomb fixed 4X scope I believe was made around 1956.

Not sure what Leupold will do with the Rifleman line, but I can say from first hand experience that the Rifleman is an excellent scope. Because of it's relatively low price (cheapest in the Leupold line) most shooters have gotten the wrong idea that the Rifleman line an economy, entry level, or a beginners scope. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I'm no beginner, that's for damn sure and my Rifleman 2-7X scope sits atop my most used rifle and don't see it as any different than my other higher end Leupold scopes on my other rifles.

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Re: Leupold- Redfeld

I just purchased the new Redfield in the 3-9X model and I am very impressed with it clarity. It is too cold and snowy io get out and shoot it right now but I am looking forward to trying it out this spring.

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