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Leupold or Zeiss rings and base?

Noob to this site but I thought I'd ask a question. I've purchased a Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44 scope that will sit on a new Rem 700 CDL 30.06. I've used Leopold scopes, bases and rings in the past and never had any problems. Solid stuff. However, I sure like how the Zeiss base and ring pair looks with the Conquest and wonder if anyone else has this combo. Conventional wisdom would tell me to stick with the proven performer and mount the scope with Leupold - I'd probably go with the dual dovetail - but I'd like some other opinions as well. Thanks and take care.

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Leupold or Zeiss rings and base?

I use the Leupold dual dovetails on everything I have a scope on. They are rock solid. I haven't seen the zeiss bases and rings but I'm willing to bet they are top notch as well. Thumbs up

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Leupold or Zeiss rings and base?


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