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Leupold or Burris?!?

Our place is in Headwaters (between Calf Pasture and Bull Pasture Rivers on the top of the mountain). I can't wait to get there. I noticed the muzzleloader buck season starts on Saturday this year and bear will be in for a few days the following week. So much game, so few vacation days. Good luck this year!!

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Leupold or Burris?!?

Yeah, the seasons come in on Saturdays now buy you might want to double check the bear season. During muzzeloader season you can only shoot bears east of I-81. I don't think you can shoot bears in Highland untill Nov.22. I have two places in Highland that I hunt and both of them are only 6 or 7 miles from Headwaters

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Leupold or Burris?!?

Go with Leopold, I do. They have never let me down.

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Leupold or Burris?!?

I would definitely go with the Leopold over the Burris. And I also would not concern myself over it being a VariX II instead of III.
I have 3 Leopolds. 2 VariXII's are over 20 years old. My VariXIII was bought in 97 and is on a .300 Win. Mag.
I have compared them side by side and used both extensively both here in the dark woods and in the West. I am sure there is something different you are paying for with the Vari X III but I sure can't see what it is.

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Leupold or Burris?!?

Thanks to everyone for your advice! I think Leupold will be the safest bet.

According to their website, the VXII has multi-coated optics on the exterior only. VXIII has multi coated optics on all surfaces. Therefore, VXIII has about 3-5% better light transmission.

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Leupold or Burris?!?

i have had a lot of sucess with my leopuld and it seems to let in plenty of lite.

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