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Leupold Optics Question

I'm new to the forum. I know theres some opinions out there but I'm a little "forum challenged"
I'm looking for opinions on the Leupold Rifleman vs. Leupold VX-II.
I've been sold on Leupolds since my dad gave me a 1960's strait 4x. I sent it in in the mid 90's because it seem to slightly fog sometimes. Leupold refilled it with gas and it works fine. No charge. What a deal!
Any how, I'm getting ready to purchase a new scope 3-9x40 and am wondering if the VX-ii is worth the extra $100? I can't really tell the difference looking through them in the stores. No one seems to want to let you test drive one. So, any reviews out there??
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Leupold Optics Question

With optics you get what you pay for. Yes, the VXII is a better scope than the Rifleman and IMHO worth the extra cost. I use the Rifleman on my 22LR's and they work fine. I prefer VXIII"s on my high power rifles but have also used the VXII's and been quite satisified.

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Leupold Optics Question

As stated above, the rifleman is the old Vari-X II which is a great scope but not up to the standard of the VX-II and above. It is certainly worth the extra to jump up to the VX-II. If $$$ is an issue, the rifleman will serve you very well and is still a lifetime warranty. Thumbs up

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Leupold Optics Question

A lot of people will tell you that the Rifleman is only good for rimfire rifles. I say hog wash to that. I put a Rifleman 2-7X on my Model 70 .270 Win when the scope first came out. It is the same as the discontinued Vari-X II. I think it's better than the newer VX-II in that the Rifleman and Vari-X has a much better shadowless image at optimum eye relief. Meaning that the outter edges of the view are clearer and equally defined at optimum eye relieve. Also less money.

With Leupold scopes they are all the same quality, the only difference you get for the increased price of certain models is more feature and more lens coatings. That's all. Other than that, the quality is the same.

The exception being the most expensive scope with diamond coated optics. I forget the model, but it's the one put on the market to compete with Zeiss scopes. Teh difference there is that is is made from a one piece tube as opposed to the two piece tubes of the other Leupolds.

Bottom line is that with the Rifleman and the older Vari-X II you are getting a very solid and high quality American made scope for a very reasonable price.

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Leupold Optics Question

No doubt Leupold is a great American made brand and with anything you can always get something better if your willing to spend just a little bit more. If budget is an issue for you I would stick with what you have for now until you can get something that will suit your requirements at a later date.
You know sometimes it's worth checking out other brands they may have exactly what you are looking for at a price you are comfortable with. Many of the American made brands are top notch it really comes down to personal preference.

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Leupold Optics Question

I have a Rifleman and its a Leopold! Been through rough stuff,banged . Always dead on. You can check out sales for v-iii's and find some good deals too.I would get a upgrade if I had extra $ but it has worked very well and it is still warentied the same. The reticle choice is better on the more expensive models too.

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