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Leupold Alumina RainCote Kit

Howdy, to you all BGH:

I'll be looking for opinion on usability of this kit, how well is serves in the rain/fog conditions and so forth.

I am just waiting for my order of VX III 3.5-10 40mm with Tactical Milling Reticle to arrive at my gun dealer, and figure, spending about 1k Canadian $ for the scope I wouldn't mind to add another $100 or so for the RainCote if it really does rain / fog job well. Otherwise I would rather go with Butler Creek covers to just protect the lenses.

Any experience, input regarding this kit would be greatly appreciated.

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Leupold Alumina RainCote Kit

Hello and welcom to BGH forum. Regarding your options, you should first ask yourself under what condition or what environment you plan to hunt in moslty. Desert areas? Windswept dry plains? Maritime climate? I realize the weather can and does change no matter where you are. I have always been fine with a butler creek rubber cap cover on my scopes, but then again I hunt mostly in mountain western states, and I only really use these for storage or transport. Leupolds are fog proof internally and I believe the coatings on the lenses also repel fog on the outside. All their scopes are waterproof. I've only owned Leupold scopes and never had a problem with fog or water while hunting, even in drizzle, snow, or rain. I guess it boil ddown to what you want and are willing to spend.

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Leupold Alumina RainCote Kit

I don't hunt in adverse conditions anymore but on occasion got caught in rain. I use a product called Optic-Guard, a paste you apply to eye glasses, glass will not fog and water will not adhere. I apply it to my scope lenses once yearly.
Any eye glass retailer will have this or similar product and all it takes is steam from a kettle to demonstrate how well it works. I bought some after an in-store demo at a supermarket for five bucks twenty years ago and haven't used half of it
I spent some time reading reviews on the Kit from Leupold and all positive, but i would not be going that route.

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