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Letter to Editor - Topeka Cap Journal

Thought this was good enough to share.

Not indiscriminate

In response to one of M.J. Cline's many opinion(s) that have been printed, I feel the need to opine on the subject myself.

In the letter Nov. 9, the writer stated that "around here hunting is such a part of the culture they're teaching young children to kill animals and be proud of it." I have no idea where you glean your hunting information from. Maybe from poachers and lawbreakers?

Over the past two years that I have spent reading the Opinion page of this paper, I see a major theme of anti-hunting from this writer. I have no problem with that. I have a problem when the truth is distorted. Hunting is not the senseless killing of animals.

Before I go on, please remove all leather handbags, shoes and purses you may have in your closet. Or any meat you may have in your freezer.

I am a 42-year-old female who enjoys hunting. My best days spent afield have been when I have harvested nothing. I got to spend a day with my husband -- no phones, no TV, just us! I have seen sunrises and sunsets that the makers of Crayola Crayons could never duplicate. We do not go afield wondering what we may kill today and brag about to any friends or neighbors. In fact, hunters are conservationists. Since 1937 sportsmen and women have paid more than $5 billion to support wildlife conservation.

Hunting isn't for everyone, but for those of us who do hunt, we learn more each time we go out. I thank my husband for everything he has taught me on being the best moral and ethical hunter one can become. Because of his teaching I am now able to take others afield a share the experience. Hunters don't take weapons to the field; we take firearms/bows to harvest only what we intend to eat.