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Letter to the Editor

I read this letter the other day and it made me think. Everyday, people are libeled and slandered, but no one is calling for a ban on speech, the type of words we can use, a background check before one posts on a bulletin board and so on. In fact, there would be a huge uproar if such a restriction on free speech was considered so why do these defenders of the 1st amendment think it is ok to restrict the 2nd?

Yes, it is true that words generally don't kill, but that is not the point. A Constitutional right is a Constitutional right and all deserve equal protection. Don't infringe upon the right, amend the Constitution if you want, but protect the Constitution.

Here is the letter.

People, not guns, kill people?

On April 4, a gunman killed three Pittsburgh, Pa., police officers. The shooter was wearing a bulletproof vest. He legally owned the guns he used to kill these brave officers. Friends of the gunman said the killer was upset about losing his job and feared President Obama's administration was going to ban his guns.

Also on April 4, a New York shooter, with body armor, killed 13 people at an immigrant community center. The shooter had legal permits for his guns.

Five children between the ages of 7 and 16 were shot to death by their father on April 4 in their mobile home near Seattle. The father had a legal permit for the gun he used to kill his children.

Some gun groups say people, not guns, kill people. I do not recommend we ban guns. I do recommend we put some sanity back in our gun laws.

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Letter to the Editor

Banning or restricting guns will not stop the deranged from killing others -- it'll just keep the sane from defending themselves.


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Letter to the Editor

Once again it proves the point that assault is behavior, not a device. Murder is a software problem and as such it is illogical and unreasonable to think it can be fixed by addressing the hardware.

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Letter to the Editor

CVC's post proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gun control Does NOT work.
It proves that a person can abide by the restrictions laid upon us and still have the capability to ignore all laws and commit heinous crimes.
Making a law forbidding a tool that is turned into a murder weapon will no more prevent that murder as will the law that says that murdering someone with ANYTHING is illegal.
Bunny hit the nail on the head, it is software and not hardware.