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Kansas Mulie 2007 buck, and Mulie doe Muzzleloader

My Kansas 07 Mulie Buck and doe shot on Hunting Sports Plus properties.

Mulie Doecomp.jpg
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Lets see your Muledeer/Blacktail!

Keep them coming! Can't ever get enough of Mule Deer Pictures.

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Lets see your Muledeer/Blacktail!

Can't wait to try some mule deer hunting. Does anyone have any info on muley hunting Alberta.

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Eastern Montana Deer

This is the second B&C buck from Custer County in the past 10 years. Of course, the biggest buck I have ever taken.

He scores 180 2/8 B&C

deer 07 001.jpg
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Re: Eastern Montana Deer

whew that's an awesome buck!!! Thumbs up

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Lets see your Muledeer/Blacktail!

Beautiful deer man. Thumbs up

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Lets see your Muledeer/Blacktail!

07 mule archery Mule deer

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Lets see your Muledeer/Blacktail!

My 08 Muley Buck. Taking my nephew this coming weekend hopefully will have pics to post.

shaun hunt pics 053.jpg
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My 2006 Muley

Not a big picture person, but I did just pull this one up so I thought I would share it! FYI... I have a new camera now, so from now on I will have pics!

Willow Creek Buck 2006.JPG
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Lets see your Muledeer/Blacktail!

Nice buck SoCoKHntr.
Is he still in Velvet?
If so, you gonna mount him that way?

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