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Lets see some lions.

Let’s see some pictures from this winter. Hope everyone is wearing out some boot leather hiking to trees.

Here is a couple from this winter to get the ball rolling.

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Great pics and thanks for sharing ! Thumbs up

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Thanks for the post and

Thanks for the post and wlecome to the site. Great photos of some nice looking kitties. Sorry to say I have no new photos of cats since I have not been able to get out.

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For 30 years now...

I have been trying to capture a mountain lion on film.  I have many on my ranch... but to get a picture? Whew... not easy.  Lot of reasons... 

I just don't seem them very often, for one thing.  Also.. when I do I'm so awe struck I forget to take a picture.  

I had a golden opportunity once.  On an archery hunt I had hiked into position a couple hours before the gray of dawn, hoping for a Buck.  It began to turn gray in the east... then just before the sun rose I knew no deer were near my position and decided to slowly move to another location.  The second I stood up a mountain lion came out of a bush no more than 25' from me.. he, perhaps she, had been there the entire time.  AND... I had a camera in hand... but the shock of seeing him bolt from almost underneath my feet rattled my brain... I didn't get the photo.

I think I may have to settle for a Bobcat photo. Big smile Although I always get mesermized by them as well. - JamesJM 

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