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Add a section for recipe submissions

It's great the moderators are looking for feedback on this topic of recipes and cooking.:thumbsup1:  

I would suggest for recipes something similar to the hunting tips section.  One could contribute to this section and check the boxes appropriate for the recipe, such as:  species (venison, elk, pig, turkey, grouse, goose, etc., etc.), dish type (casserole, main dish, side dish, etc.), cooking method (grill, broil, pan fried, deep fried, etc.), suasages and jerky, and many other sub-categories.  With this, it would be nice to be able to look up recipes in the section by searching with keywords or checking boxes with the same kind of appropirate identifiers making the list of suitable recipes managable to look through when searching for something specific.  It would also be great to have main sub categories of Camp Cooking, Fine Dining, Backyard BBQ, Quick Dinners, etc., but that might be too much at the start.

This type of recipe section would allow users to discuss and/or share their experience with the recipe too or even ask questions about the preparation when unclear.  

This is a great forum and a recipe section would only make it better in my opinion.  I love to cook and eat wild game and would share/discuss recipes often if this topic is added to the forum lineup.