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Leopold question???

If he misses he can give me the scope. I'll take a broken Leupold anyday. Thumbs up

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cuttin it close

I'm cuttin it a little close but I'm leaving work around lunch today. Straight to the range to finish up. Then off to the airport. I was off work this past weekend but the winds were really bad both days....gusting to 60 MPH with a steady swirling 25 MPH breeze all day. Didn't see much reason to go to the range. I'll report back w/results and hopefully, pictures. cool .338 ammo selection really stinks around here. The gun shop I stopped at yesterday only had one box of Federal 210g partitions. I'm not switching ammo again. I did get to look at one of the new Remington SPR imported single shot youth shotguns. Not bad for a shade over $100. Thinking about one for my oldest son........the southpaw.

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