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Leftover license agents

Just looked at the list of agents in Denver metro and it's a bunch of big box stores mostly. So not sure where I'm going to get my leftover tags without standing in line and picking from the bottom of the barrel when I finally get to the counter.  Also a little worried that some cashiers won't know how to pull up leftovers on the CPW system.  Has anyone had that problem?

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How about gun shops? Even

How about gun shops? Even fishing shops.

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I think I found a good

I think I found a good place.  Called them and they said that their line isn't usually too long. 

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You don't have to go to a

You don't have to go to a license agent, you can do it on line or over the phone. 

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I never go to a big-box sporting goods store or the cdow office for leftover tags.  You'll wait in line all day while others in front of you get your tag.  Go to a smaller anglers shop or a surplus store, any small business where license are sold, even some hardware stores too.  Call ahead or stop in before hand and find out if the person working the license knows about biggame tags.  By doing this I never wait in a line with more than 10 people ahead of me and generally every year I get my first choice tag(s) by 9:15am the morning leftovers go on sale.  Dancing

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