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Leftover deer units

So I just received the leftover list for deer. I have a few questions about it and some of the units. Any help would be appreciated. First, there is a column on ths list just after valid units called list A, B, C but nothing says what those letters stand for. I'm assuming one is a doe then a buck ecc. but I want to be sure and I can't seem to find any clearification on the F&G website. Also, of the list I'm considering three basic areas: 28,37,371,18 one area 25,26 one area 27,181, one area. Any advice on these three areas for rifle deer for 2nd or 3rd season would be great. I would like some big buck oppurtunities if possible but the rest of my group would shoot anything. Thanks.

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The A, B, C codes are listed

The A, B, C codes are listed in the guide book on page 16. They are just a way to let you know how many deer tags that you can have.

A is one, most often only a buck tag
B is two tags. A+B or B+B or 1 buck tag and one doe tag or 2 doe tags.
C is unlimited tags A+B+C+C+C..... One buck tag one B doe tag and however many C doe tags that you want to buy.

I have no ideas on the units since I have never hunted them but I would suspect lots of private and access problems since they have tags left over

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If you want big bug

If you want big bug opportunities I suggest South America. Just messing with you, Critter hit the part on A,B & C so on to the areas. In the past when I could not get a tag I have done the left over and of your 3 choices I would take the 28/37/371/18. We have done well in 18 and 28 for does and smaller buck but have seen very few larger buck. Not to say they are not there but it is very heavily hunted so large bucks on public land is very limited. I will say that will also hold true to any areas in a left over draw unless it is private land. If you want more info send me a PM.

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Thanks guys for the info. Just waiting to find out where I drew then I'll get back to you. I put my first two choices for the 28,37.... area. We'll see how it goes.

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