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Leeches Anyone?

... went out after work and jumped a flock of quacks. Busted 2 mallards. Getting back in the rig noticed what looked like a green nightcrawler under the wing of one of the ducks. Grabbed it - it was kind of stuck - but I pulled it off. Kind of a dark green living thing ... once harassed shrunk to about 2-1/2 inches long - and kind of pea-pod shaped (kind of flattish). WTF!!! Are there such things as leeches on ducks (mallards)? I should have taken a picture of it - but all I wanted to do was drag it out in the road and let it get run over, or frosted and then sun-backed, or both. Actually, I wanted to shoot it - but the ammo I use is too expensive. I am definitely weirded out. In all the ducks I have handled - that is a first. What's up with that? Anybody else find leeches on mallards? How will I sleep tonight? Already - any strange thing touching any part of me gets over-reaction.

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Leeches Anyone?

I have seen leeches on ducks on several occasions in fresh water only areas. They don't really hurt the duck any but you sure don't want to see them either. A little salt kills them instantly if you don't want to line them up with a 3.5" load of #4. Thumbs up

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Leeches Anyone?

I wouldn't eat that duck? Talk to the Hand

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