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Lead Traps?

I am casting my own bullets and consider unrecovered range lead to be an untapped mining potential.


Yes, I know I could go to the public range and dig into the backstops, screening the dirt through a series of wire screens and then pick the lead out of the gravel left behind, but seriously there has to be a better way.  In the prior method I would in fact be able to easily recover things like 75 caliber musket balls and the big full ounce 45-70 slugs; even a fair amount of 30 caliber projectiles.  But what about the pounds and pounds of lead shot of miniscule #8 pellets.  Are they all just destined to be lost forever? 


It seems nearly hopeless to remove those small pellets from the soil.    If anyone has a way to do so, let me know as there are a multitude of public trap and skeet ranges where we could collect and recycle the lead.


But could there be a way to collect it before it ever reaches the soil?


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