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A lawyer went bear hunting....

(with apologies to all lawyers....sort of)

A lawyer went on a guided bear hunt deep in the Alaskan bush. One the last day, he and his Czechoslovakian friend were stalking through the brush when huge male bear suddenly charged them. The lawyer, quick as a flash took aim and fired, dropping the animal. Excited, he and his friend ran over to inspect the bear. As they were ooohing and ahhing, a female bear suddenly charged them. The lawyer got away, but the bear attacked the Czech and devoured him whole in one gulp.

A game warden was passing through the area and heard the shot, followed by the comotion. He went over to make sure everything was OK and ran into the terrified lawyer.

"Come quick, come quick" the lawyer shrieked "a bear just ate my friend"
They ran back and saw the bear standing over the carcass of the first bear. The warden quickly aimed and fired, dropping the second bear.

"Which one ate you friend?" the warden asked.

The lawyer was so rattled he pointed at the first male bear. The warden cut it open, but found nothing. So then they opened the female bear and found the man, injured but still barely alive. They revived him and he lived.

And the moral of the story is....

Never trust a lawyer when he tells you the Czech is in the male.

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A lawyer went bear hunting....


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