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Late term Abortionist killed
JTapia wrote:
On a side note, what kind of church would let this monster attend and usher?

The same thought crossed my mind. What a hypocrite he must have been. How do you pray and honor life - yet take innocent lives every day? I never did understand him, and I had no idea he went to church. He killed babies, yet if their mothers delivered them alive AND then they killed them, it would be murder. I did not see a difference in what Tiller did and mothers that killed their babies. Just because the law said it was ok to kill babies in their 3rd trimester of gestation, does not make it morally right.

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Late term Abortionist killed

let me clarify things about abortions (terminations) a bit:

first trimester abortions (0-12 weeks) relatively safe procedure with low complication rate, done in a clinic, with local anesthesia or light sedation, patient goes home within 1-3 hours. i had to take care of some of these for him as these do not stay at the laquinta in with someone watching over them. over 80 % of these are done for the convenience(or inconvenience) of the mother and are rarely for maternal health/fetal anomaly indications. price about $250

second trimester abortions(12-20 weeks) riskier and more difficult, these can be done in a clinic under sedation and the patient may go home 3-4 hours later. the risk of complications is much greater. i helped care for a woman in her twenties, who had an 18 wek termination (in california), and arrived to our er near death from sepsis. her doctor had gone skiing and no one was around to care for his problems. on opening the belly, we found the entire right leg and torso up to the rib cage of the fetus floating in her belly and the uterus torn up the right side (you are supposed to count the pieces on these to make sure all is out!!!). she lost her uterus and fertility for a convenience issue. about 50% of this type are still coinvenience issues, with a greater portion being for fetal anomalies/genetic issues. there is still a very low percentage of maternal health indications. price about $800

over twenty weeks: these are the most difficult and dangerous for complications if done surgically, or if induced by injecting saline into the uterus. medical inductions are now better but still risky. a large number of these are for fetal issues, a few for maternal issues. these are the ones who get a stay at laquinta with a babysitter. these are the ones at risk for a live birth. in japan, they are legally killed at birth. price about $1800.

i have never found an abortion provider who would do it for free Evil!

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Late term abortion and murder

I have to say that I believe abortion and the industry of slaughtering the unborn an abomination. The killing in cold blood of an abortionist is a murder also.

I have a real problem with Roe-VS Wade. Making the institutional slaughter of the unborn, the law of the land, doesn't belong in America.

If the citizens of your local Gomorah want abortion in their community and it's established as the will of the people of Gomorah, then it's on their souls. This though is not and never has been the will of the people of America. It was decided by the Supreme Court that a woman can choose to end her pregnancy. This is the will of the court, not the will of people. I don't advocate the murder of abortionists anymore that I advocate the slaughter of the unborn!

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I agree

Welcome to BGH Soreshoulderer.

I agree with you 100%.


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