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Late-Season South Dakota Pheasant and Whitetail Hunting Lodge, Double P Ranch, Clark, South Dakota
We are offering limited late season (December 15-31) bow hunts at our South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge. This hunt includes South Dakota Pheasant Hunting and Whitetail Archery Hunting. The South Dakota ranch is located in corn/soybean country. As the weather turns bad the whitetails population on the ranch soar. We are a wintering ground for the South Dakota whitetails. It is not uncommon for 200 deer to move on to the ranch to take feed on our abundant corn and bean food plots. Self-guided South Dakota pheasant hunting is included with this hunt. For more information visit www.doublepranch.com. The price of the hunt is $1200/6days and includes lodging. The hunt is capped at 4 bow hunters.
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I have a buddy that used to

I have a buddy that used to do combo pheasant and waterfowl hunts in South dakota, but not adding in the whitetail.  Looks like you have some great deer there!

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