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late rut

I just got back from an archery elk hunt in wyoming . We saw a large cow and a spike still in velvet. I cow called at both of them and they paid no attention to it. I dont think the rut has hardly begun there little bugling heard and the aspens are still green. most of the sign we saw was from single animals no herds like usual, I hope this means that the rut will going during rifle. what does everyone think 

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kinda what I'm thinking

Those early to mid October hunters are probably going to get a little more action this year

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I haven't heard any bugling,

I haven't heard any bugling, but then again I may not be where the elk are(I hope not). I have seen a few rubs and signs of solo bulls, no herds.

I am hoping that 1st rifle Oct 15-19 will be close to the rut.

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With my early elk hunt

With my early elk hunt starting October 1st I'm starting to think I could fall into it pretty good. Other than getting the tag itself that would be the best luck I've had in quite awhile. I guess we'll see in another week or so. I'm getting much more nervous now, no more days off till I head out so at least that will keep me busy.

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I have buddy up here in

I have buddy up here in Colorado archery hunting and he said the elk are still pretty quite.  Had a nice encoounter today but it seems the elk are still a little ways from an all out elk rut.  Elk are quite and the bulls are still not showing alot if interest.  Makes me wish I had a first season tag instead of a second season, but I am sure the elk will still be around whern I get there and whos knows maybe I will fall into the 2nd rut or atleast some cows coming inlate.  Regardless.....its a great time to be in the woods!!

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I hunted NW CO this year during MZ season and it was quiet like a church. There were a few bugles early in the week at dark but it's hard to tell if they were elk or other hunters. I saw a spike and a legal bull on Thursday and they were silent. A little odd that they were together. No shot on the legal one. I found a lot of trees that were totally thrashed in the thick stuff. We had a bright, full moon and warm sunny days for the begining of the season. Finally had some rain move in and I was hoping that would get things going. No dice. Had  a good time as always but pretty unproductive. I think the Septmber seasons are gonna kill 'em this year. Good luck to all.

Edit: I meant OCTOBER seasons.

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I just got done hunting out

I just got done hunting out here in Oregon, Where I hunted this year there are elk just not many and there spread out. I was in the woods for 9 days and didnt hear a single bugle. I talked to a buddy who was hunting in a good elk unit in eastern oregon and he only heard 3 bugles in 14 days. and the bulls were not responding to calls at all. This is how it was last year as well. I switched to archery to hunt the elk in the rut and it seems like since I've switched the rut has been delayed till the first couple weeks of OCT. which sucks out here due to the fact that there isnt any elk hunts at that time.

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I have a MZ hunt starting on

I have a MZ hunt starting on Oct.15th and it looks like I will get some of the rut as most of the bow guys say they where almost silent thru the Sept. season,but they just started to talk some. I've seen a few decent med.bulls so far around here.

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West Central WY

I spent most of last week hunting Area 97 (west Central WY) and it was relatively quiet out there, as well.  I heard a total of 3 bugles in 5 days, and I'm not even sure 2 of those were elk.  Between the abundant water and great food in the woods, the elk were still in the dark timber.  I managed to still hunt up on a 4x4 with a cow and twin calves, but that was it for the week.

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Just got back from a hike

Just got back from a hike with the pooch. I saw two nice bulls at 8000ft.

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Here in northern NM they are

Here in northern NM they are somewhat vocal.  At about 8500 to 9000 feet.  I did watch 2 bulls try and kill eachother last night on the Valles Caldera.  Its getting me pumped for my elk hunt in 2 weeks. 

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