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Late Report - 2014 Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

Hey Everybody,

 I've been off here for quite a while, but I wanted to give a report from the 2014 season.

Our trip to WY last year was actually the second half of a 1-month trip; 2 weeks sabbatical from my church and 2 weeks vacation. We traveled from MI to WY by way of many scenic (read, tourist) sites including the Badlands and Mt Rushmore in SD, Devil's Tower, Red Gulch Dinosaur Site, Chimney Rock, Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks, Jackson Hole, etc. in WY.

Then we traveled up to our huntin' grounds NE of Casper. The hard winter last year was tough on the deer herd. We saw far fewer deer than usual, and many of the does did not have fawns - that will affect the herd for a few years to come. The first few days we saw several smallish bucks (spikes and forkies), but were holding out for something a little better.

I think it was the 4th day of the 7-day season that I found this 3x4 hearding a bunch of does toward a large, private rach nearby and dropped him with one shot from my Ruger M77 in .308 Win.

 One afternoon we went over to the Hole in the Wall for a bit of touristy stuff.


 Steve had seen a nice 4x4 on day one, but couldn't get a clean shot at it. He kept hoping he'd see it again, but didn't. Finally on the last morning, he decided to take this spike so we could get the meat cut up and head back home.

That was our 2014 WY hunt. Looking forward to this fall.


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Better late then never..... ;)


Thanks for sharing the report and the great pics ! Congrats !


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Very nice, thanks for the

Very nice, thanks for the story.

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Congrats on the successful

Congrats on the successful hunt!  Sounds like a great vacation/hunting trip!

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Great pics!  Thanks for

Great pics!  Thanks for posting it up.