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Late post on 1st season Colorado Hunt

Didn't heed my own advise "Don't pass up something you would shoot on Monday on Saturday" so I went home with tag soup. But the first 2 days I was in elk heaven so no complaints here. Heard elk bugle the 2 nights before season and the 2nd morning. Saw over 40 elk in the first 2 days with several legal bulls but just couldn't get off a ethical shot. At 1 point had 3 bulls within 75 yds and the glare off the sun was all I could see in my scope. Saw a herd come down off the mountain across the valley that was like something you only read about. The lead cow topped out and stopped and you could see all the other elk pilling up behind her waiting for her lead then they all snaked down the mountain just like the picture thats in your mind the other 11 months of the year. Then Monday came and some one turned out the light. Nothing but a great time with good friends. We hunted up around the Wilson Mesa and for a 53 year old fat man wasn't in to bad of shape, I could get to advantage points early and that helped. One of my buddys got a cow the first day so we weren't shunked. Again God blessed us with a great hunt

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Glad to hear you had a great

Glad to hear you had a great hunt even if the animals up and left before you connected on one.  Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

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well there is a lot of that

well there is a lot of that tag soup going around....I suppose there is every year. You sound like you had a great time though! I know I did during my first season tag soup hunt! I just love hearing those bugles!!Fortunately for me my soup was seasoned with a lot of preference points...makes it tastier that way....well one thing to remember...I'LL BE BACK!

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Sounds like you still had a

Sounds like you still had a great hunt. Those memories will last a life time so enjoy them.

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Sounds like you had a great hunt and a great time ! Congrats !

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