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Last minute help!

I know I'm late, but I will get my apps in on time.

I've narrowed down my choose of ML Elk to unit 11, 14,& 55. I was really focused on 55 until recently.It would be a cow only.
With one point, I may draw EE in 14, so this is tempting.The other two units would give me my 2nd pp and hunt a cow. Obviously, I'm looking at higher elevations in mid-September in any unit I'm hunting.

If I hunt 11 or 55, I'm on my own. Unit 14 is tempting due to a proposed drop camp in this unit + I may draw EE. The outfitter is Steamboat Lake Outfitters. Does anyone have an opinion on this outfitter?

Also thought this may be a good idea due to it being my first Co hunt.

Many thanks as I burn the midnight oil in making my descion. Thanks for any assistance anyone can offer.


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Wish I could help !


I wish I could help you out with your decision, but I do not know those areas. I wish you luck with your decision and with your hunt !


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I feel your pain...it can be

I feel your pain...it can be agonizing tring to make the decision on how to burn those points after years of waiting...It was for me when I gave up on 201 to go to 61 after 20 years of waiting...I am currently deciding what to do with my deer points...back and forth..back and forth...but as we know we have until the 2nd!!

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getting close

Sent a PM.

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Thanks guys. It's tough

Thanks guys. It's tough trying to make a decison from 1,500 miles away. :(
With zero to 1 pt., you can't do much and my schedule doesn't allow for much October activity such as rifle.
That's why Muzzleloader is appealing...well, that and the rut.

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