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Last chance for the season (Maine)

This is my first year with my own bait sites and was having plenty of action but they had been coming in well after dark. Season ends in three days and due to work schedule my time is limited, but decided to head to the sites last night to at least freshen them up for my brother in law this weekend. Got to the site at 6:20 pm, legal hours ended at 7:12, so figured I'd sit for the hell of it. Swapped cards in the cam and was in my seat at exactly 6:30. Didn't really have high hopes with only 42 minutes to hunt. My only other concern I forgot my anise and couldn't spray the site down. Like a gift from the hunting gods, at 6:58, here they come. Couldn't believe it. One coming in froth the left in a hurry, but suddenly turns and bolts. Then I see why, the big boy coming in from the far side. Walks in, nose up straight for the cam. Turns takes two steps and just before I get a shot, takes off. (Damn me for not spraying the site......) Just as I lose site of him, I see yet another one coming from the left. Much smaller, guessing around 150 lbs, but with my limited schedule, can't be picky. This one does the same thing, sniffs the cam, turns and start to walk back, but I was ready and able to squeeze a shot off. Had the cross hairs right on his front shoulder. He shuddered and shook then ran back the way he came in. Was definitely and labored run, I knew I'd hit, but he ran well out of site. I went to the bait wanting to get a spot of blood before it got dark, had no intention of going any further. I only saw one drop of blood but a foot or so behind that I found a piece of bone. Felt pretty confident and headed back to the truck. Ended up calling a good friend who's guided bear hunts for nearly 20 years went to pick him up while giving the bear some time. An hour and half passes and we start the track. Found some pieces of flesh, and some pretty good amounts of blood. Tracked for 2 hours covered a couple hundred yards. Not an easy task in that area at night. We called it cor the night and headed back up this morning. Picked the trail back up and found some more good patches of blood but nothing real consistent. Sometimes it would be like one small drop every 10 feet, then we'd see a bloody paw print and a big smear on leaves or a tree. We covered about 500 yds of blood trail and then lost it completely as he circled towards a bog. Most curious thing is how he managed to travel that far after taking a 7mm Rem Mag to the shoulder. Add to it the piece of bone I found and the fact that he didn't once lay down. Only thought is my shot was not as true as I originally thought. Not a pleasant feeling not knowing the final outcome.

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Maybe front elbow?

My buddy Mark Y. and I were hunting Quebec this spring. I tagged out on the second night, so I was filming his hunt. A big boar came in and Mark set up for the shot. When I told him I was ready he shot and the the bear dropped at the shot. I told him to stay on him and about two seconds later he was up. I told him to shoot again. At the shot, the big boar spun and took off. Definitely hit again. We got out of the blind and got on the blood trail. We found quite a bit of blood at the bait and then followed and found a big chunk of bone. We trailed the bear about 30 yards and found him laying down very alive and stunned. Mark put one in his neck and it was over. Come to find out first shot hit him in the jaw. Second shot hit him in the elbow under his shoulder and thats where the chunk of bone came from. Neither one was lethal. I am very surprised we caught up to the bear at all. Hopes this helps. Heres a photo of Mark and his bear and I hope you fill your tag. Kevin

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dogs maybe?

Even a good hit will often seal as the skin shifts and rolls. I'd keep circling the area. Be ready for a wounded bear. Anybody local have dogs you could pull in to help track him?

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