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Land Status Mapping tool for Wyoming

So, I was bummed when earlier this year I went to my favorite wyoming hunting information and mapping tool bookmark and discovered the following text rather than the usual mapping application.

          The Wyoming Hunt Units and Hunter Success Application has been discontinued.

          Due to lack of new funding, support, updates and enhancements to the site have not been possible.

          Other Online mapping applications and data are still accessible through the Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center's Data Services web pages, reachable from WyGISC's GeoData page.

And the referring link to WyGISC's page wasn't nearly as useful.  In fact, I couldn't even figure out how to view public lands.  Such is life sometimes.

It took awhile, but I finally happened upon a new mapping tool, the the Wyoming Office of State Lands & Investments website (http://lands.state.wy.us/).  If you follow this link and select the GIS State Lands Access mapping tool you get a decent tool with the ability to overlay public lands (BLM, NFS, State, etc.) onto different basemaps.  Not quite as good, IMO, as the my previous favorite bookmarked website, but worthy of sharing with others who like to hunt Wyoming and would like an online tool to scout areas virtually.  Hopefully, this one doesn't get underfunded too!


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Thank You

Your information is much appreciated as I will be doing virtual scouting prior to my trip north for antelope.

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