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land for sale in kansas unit 16

the land is located 9 miles south west of coldwater, ks. The land is a 320 acre block with a house and 30 acres that sits to the east of the land by 1 1/2 miles(it is seperated by a big wheat field) there are two agriculture fields that have wheat currently in one field and sorgum head feed in the other. There is also a 20 acre alfalfa food plot. There is a 3 acre duck marsh on the south west part of the land with a dam and riser so it can be lowered to plant and closed to flood back up. The salt fork river which is more like a creek runs through the land. The west part of the land has very tall grass mixed with draws with trees in them. The east part of the land is mostly trees. For the part of kansas it is in it has exceptional cover. There are alot of pheasants and quail that hang out on the west end in the head fead and grass. you will have 165"+ deer on the property right now if they haven't dropped their horns. About 200 turkeys winter on the east end of the property. The current owner trades the farming rights out to a neighbor for hunting right on his 1000 acres. So you get to end up hunting an additional 1000 acres if you trade the farming, or you can cash lease it to someone for farming as well. The 320 acres comes with half mineral rights but there are no wells on the property. The house and 30 acres it sits on come with full mineral rights. There is a large barn and 3 sheds with the house. my friend just doesn't use the property as much as he thought he would and i'm just trying to help him sell it. The owner would like around $525,000 or best offer for the place. If you need more info please write me an email at or you can call me 918-440-4835

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