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land for lease in colorado?

hey i was just wondering if anybody know some land for lease in colorado. hopefully more toward the south west. if you know of anything please let me know.

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Re: land for lease in colorado?

I do not know, and am a public land hunter myself, but you may want to check with a regular outfitter for a sub lease. Try some of these guys first:

Then the Colorado Outfitters Association, and if not them, maybe Craig'sList or the local newspapers (everyone's online now anyway). I know I have heard of transferable tags before being offered in Craigs List.

Having said that, nearly any land of significant size is already outfitted. There is certainly a chance of finding something small(1,000 acres or less), but small parcels may not always reliably hold animals without crops or at least a major drainage. Because of the down economy, some outfitters may be overextended and underbooked, so I would think a sub lease to be the most likely bet for you.

Good luck

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