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laminated stock ruger # 1

Has anyone seen any laminated stocks for ruger # 1 . I checked the all the normal  places,      

[stocky stocks; ect; ]

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Ruger stocks

I haven't, but you may want to check their website.  Seems to me that the Ruger No1 forend has changed a bit, not as traditional looking as it used to be or should be for that rifle.

I've always liked Ruger firearms, but I have noticed that they are making some dramatic changes to their line recently.  I bought another 10/22 carbine last week and was suprised to find that the trigger, trigger housing, and barrel band are all now polymer.  Was also kind of dissappointed to see that the aluminum reciever now has a powdercoat painted finish as opposed to a black anodizing. I mean how much cheaper can we get? With changes like that I expect the prices to go down, not up.  To their credit the newer polymer trigger guards have proved in drop-tests to be much more durable and resistant to breakage than the older aluminum trigger guards.  Go figure.  I do wonder if heat from the barrel will eventually degrade or weaken the barrel-band over time with usage. However I do know of at least two instances where the people have cracked their older aluminum barrel-bands. 

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I actually just saw one last

I actually just saw one last week. A co-worker sold a stainless barreled one with a green laminate stock. When I first heard about it I thought it would look awful but it was actually incredible looking. It was green but it had some grey and yellow hue's in it as well. It was a 22-250 and had I had the extra coin it would have been mine. If I can get a picture of it I'll post it up. 

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