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Labor day Archery hunters

Ok all you labor day archery hunters, how did it go? See many elk. Was it just to hot nothing moving kinda of thing or did some of you actually get into some bugeling bulls already? I'm sure we all want to hear about your experiences as we get ready for our own hunts. Give us the low down. I haven't been out yet but will be next week. My old man and brother's hunting party in Idaho already have two down. Lucky buggers. Anyways give us some updates if you gottem. Thanks.

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not a lot of action

Not much for bugling, bulls mostly coming in silently. Only saw guys with cows that they killed in mostly random encounters

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I have a tag but you couldn't

I have a tag but you couldn't catch me out there over Labor Day weekend. It is the last camping weekend for a lot of folks and after being out on one of them I gave it up. But then being retired I like hunting mid week when just about everyone else is off of the mountain.

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Labor day weekend

I had a really good labor day weekend hunting experience... I seen 12 elk, 8 bucks,1 bear,2 grouse,1 coyote,and 1 rabbit. I had two rag horn bulls at 10 yards on Sunday. The elk were not really talking yet but still pretty excited for the up coming month and seeing what my 14yr old son and I can come up with. My son found a new wallo that we are putting a camera on to see if it's worth sitting on or not. I hope everyone who went out had a good time.

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Not a peep !

As far as the elk go..... Not a peep where I was at, but I did get my daughter on a very nice 5x5 bull opening morning.


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