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Lab rabbit

A tame rabbit escapes from a labratory and manages to get outside. It hops around awhile and finds a hedge row. Under the heage row it see's some more rabbits and asks if they are wild rabbits. Yes they reply, we are, where are you from. The lab rabbit admits that he escaped from a labratory and knew nothing about the outdoors. They all welcome him in and decide to show him around a little. After a while, he asks, "what do you guys eat?". "Carrots" they tell him. "Whats a carrot?" he asks. They take him out to a garden and show him how to did up and eat carrots. "Man these are great" he says, "what else ya got?". "Well" they say "we also got lettuce and it's very good". They take him to another field and get him some lettuce and he just loves it. "Man this is great" he tells them. then asks, "where do you guys live". "Right here" they tell him. He tells them he's had a great time and the food is the best hes ever had but tells them he really needs to get back to the labratory. "Why?" they ask him. And he tells them, "good as this is out here, I'm dieing for a cigerette!".

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Lab rabbit

That's good. lol

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Lab rabbit

hahaha Thumbs up

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