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KS turkey hunt

Hey all! I'm look'n for sum pointers for the very near Oct 1 Turkey hunt. I'm in the Ft. Riley area and new to the Turkey hunt. Got the call, decoys, just need some insight. Maybe something I'm over looking.

Heard that it's nearly impossible to call them in, in the fall. T or F? What's my best approach? use a blind, just ground sit?

I do have all the permits to hunt Riley, but is there good walk-in areas that I'm unaware of. The word is Milford lake is probably the best place, but I HATE b'n where EVERY1 else is!

I'm origionally from MN, and I also LOVE to hunt the beloved White tale, so if you have info. on that as well in the same area, I'd appreciate it. I did hunt Riley last yr and took a 4 pt and a doe, off of a 2 day hunt. I had VERY little time right after returning from the latest deployment!

Thanks again for your insight. And since I am new to this forum, all I've ever seen has been GREAT discussion!!!!! I'm excited to join this Forum and I CAN'T WAIT 2 get in2 the woods nd go HUNT'N!!!!!


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SO the wind here in KS has been OUTRAGEOUS for the 1st 2 days of turkey season! I've had to do the walk'n and stalk'n. Yesterday got w/in 15 yards of a group of 20+, but the woods were just 2 thick that they were in! I never got a shot off b4 they took off. went back this morning and again had to spot and stock. last few min b4 I had to leave I spotted half a doz or so. so I flanked them got w/in 10 yrds and had to take 2 shots on the move. Shot over them both. driving out saw a group of hens feeding down a dirt hill road towards me. With trees in between us, the stock was on again. So I set up for them to come around the end of the woods near the mud hole that was between us. They did but did not feel comfortable after they noticed me so they went off to a water hole behind the woods. I followed and found them there. one finally poked it's head out and she's now in the freezer!!!!!!

Sorry all no picts. She was a little small.

Yes SIR!!! My first Turkey hunt was AWSUM! AND ISN'T FINISHED YET!!! The best is yet to come!!! I get to take my 8 yr old daughter out w/me 2moro, and I can't wait!!!!

I hope to have picts after 2moro's hunt!!!

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KS turkey hunt

Congrats, Glad you got into some turkeys! Good Luck with your daughter

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