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kodiak island hunting

I am considering going to Kodiak Island for Blacktail hunting. If someone has done it, can you please comment? I am checking couple of sites; they are saying it is about $400/person unguided or $800/person guided. Considering the cost of this, I wonder if it is worth the money and going all the way to Alaska for Blacktail hunting, though hunting anything in Alaska is something I haven't experienced yet.


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my girlfriend's dad has done it several times

He hasn't done it in a few years, and says its a lot more popular now than it used to be.  Used to just be able to shoot your 7 deer limit from the beaches.  Now the pressure has pushed the deer up higher on the mountains.  Still a lot of deer though, but you do have to work for em.  And be prepared to get the heck out of dodge when the bears come rolling in at the sound of the shot.  Or thats how he described it.

And welcome to BGH

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  My cusin his did it a few

  My cusin his did it a few times and what they did is charter a boat that floated around the island and fished and hunted. In the mornings they would take small boats to the island and hunt all day then come back at night. He said walking the bear trails thru the tall grass that was over their heads was spooky till you started up the mountain. 

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Kodiak was a couple inches

Kodiak was a couple inches shy of breaking its annual snowfall record last year. The severe winter took a BIG toll on the deer herd. I worked on a mountain goat study on the island this past summer and the number of winter-killed deer carcasses was beyond belief! I would give it a few years before going there specifically to hunt blacktails. 

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Welcome to BGH. Is that you

Welcome to BGH. Is that you asking about this over on ifish?

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