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Yesterday, I went up to the national forest past Wilkeson to look for berry patches for the fall bear season. I found an old logging road that had deteriorated to a single track, so I parked and hiked a few miles down it. I ended up finding a few nice spots, but I don't think I'm going to hunt there because when I returned I discovered that some idiot had shot my windshield. It looks like someone stuck a handgun out the window of their truck as they were driving by.

People sometimes. I don't even understand.

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thats very screwed up. you were minding your own business and get your windsheild shot out. I'd be pissed. i dont understand why people cant leave other peoples stuff alone. it was probaly some young punks.

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Ugh... that's scary! What if you had been laying down for a nap???

What idiots! Those kind of people give firearms a very bad rap.

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this actually really helps me out because i was just looking for a good place to go shoot out some windshields......what a bunch of morons im glad your ok

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I am a fairly young outdoorsman myself. I am 25 years old, grew up hunting with my father.

My dad always taught me the values and ethics of owning a firearm. It makes me sick that these young people own/use guns and have no respect for them or their fellow man.

It could of also been some drunk redneck too... I know many adults who claim to be responsible gun owners who I would not let come near me with a loaded firearm.

Bastards... Glad you are ok, I hope your vehicle is ok too. Keep hunting, don't let the irresponsible ones ruin our fun.

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sad Think What More can I say

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Well, like Forrest Gump says, "Life is like a box of choclates and then $ hit happens"... ugh.. sick...

And yes, Luckily no one was napping in the rig.

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It is this kind of crap that gives hunters a bad name!

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