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Knight and hale game calls.

Knight and Hales Cow Call and Bull grunt in one. Overall wasnt Impressed with either to tell you the truth.
Construction of these two game calls was shabby and they could have made it with a little stronger plastic. On the other hand I bought it just to try it out anyway. The old moose horn my grandfather made has been in my family for years and still works better then any factory made jobby. The bull grunter could'nt have been more off from the real sound of a Bull, The grunter was a little better made but after two hunts it would not stay attached to the horn like it should've. Overall 5/10 Not satified with this one.

All in One predator Call-
Now this call on the other hand is everything I needed in a predator call, very satified with the pitch changes you can achieve. Within the first hour had 2 yotes in scope view. I just could'nt get them in shooting range. I suppose the wind was working against me that time.
But overall very satisfied and Exspecially liked the non-slip grip and free sunglasses.
8/10 for this guy I would recommend it to any avid wolf/yote hunter and I've even brought in bears with the rabbit whine.

I have just picked up some new toys and will update when I try the new buck and doe calls.

Another note I usually use primos brothers cans when deer hunting but will give knight and hale a shot this year.

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