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Knight 50 KP1 Review

April 2010 Product Review:

Knight 50 KP1 Review

In the last 20 years or so there have been a lot of changes in muzzleloading rifles. They took the cap and ball types and put the primer inside the barrel, as opposed to the conventional nipple on the outside. One obvious advantage is protection against bad weather which often occurs during hunting season. When I started shooting the front loader you could use any powder as long as it said black. There was no Pyrodex or any of the substitutes. I owned and shot a variety of 45 and 50 caliber rifles and had very little trouble as long as I did my part. My favorite is a 50 caliber Hawken from TC which I have owned for about 25 years. It still shoots well with a 370 grain maxi ball. I thought that it was as accurate and effective as a muzzleloader can get until I started using inlines. That's like going from the model T to a Thunderbird. They shoot more streamlined projectiles at higher velocities and are accurate at longer ranges. It takes the muzzleloader from a hundred yard gun to a 300 yarder. They are usually easier to clean and a scope can be mounted and it will shoot almost like a modern rifle. The only drawback that I can think of is, some states regulate them or don't allow them during muzzleloading season so you might want to check that out to avoid a costly fine. With that thought in mind I was sent a Knight KP1 and some Hornady bullets in 250 and 350 grain weights. Read more...

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Re: Knight 50 KP1 Review

300 yarder if you get good at aiming 3 feet above the animals back laugh

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I'm sorry, but the only way

I'm sorry, but the only way that gun will shoot like a CF gun, is to put one of the CF barrels on it. Too many new to Muzzleloading believe that, and it's not true. It lets them believe they can take those 300 yd shots which just leads to wounded animals.

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