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Knife question

I'm very new to hunting but will be shooting and processing a few wild pigs soon. I'm looking for 1-2 knives, fixed blade, durable, easy to sharpen, easy to use. My plan is to field dress. Then skin, quarter, joint at home. 

Can I do all of this with 1 knife? Any recommendations for knife and sharpening tool?

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While you can do everything

While you can do everything from cleaning, skinning, to butchering a game animal with one knife it is a lot easier to have a few different ones. 

For cleaning and skinning anymore I like the knives with replaceable blades such as a Havalon Piranta which has replaceable surgical steel blades.  When one gets dull you just replace it. 


Outdoor Edge also has a fine knife that I am now also using that has replaceable blades and while they are not as sharp as the Havalon they are sharp enough with a thicker blade.


Then comes the butchering.  Here you will need a bone saw and a long blade knife to do it properly.  I usually just use my kitchen butcher knives for this chore.  They are made by Gerber and hold a sharp edge and are sturdy enough for cutting through thick muscle as you are cutting your chops and steaks. 

For shapening I have tried everything out there and while I can put a fine edge on a knife just using a wet stone and a piece of leather I found a sharpening kit that is hands down the best that I have ever seen.  It is the Work Sharp Knife Sharpening system.  It is a small belt sander that includes 3 or 4 different grits of abrasive on small belts and a guide system to draw you knife through.  A few passes and you will have a razor sharp edge on you knife. 



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Skinniing hogs

Boar can be hard to skin if they have a shield. Otherwise it is about like a deer or any other animal. The hide is a lot tougher and may require that you sharpen your blade more. Ive used just about every type on the market as we clean in excess of 100 haogs every year. Most will do a good job. I personally like a smaller knife vs a large one. More times than not I will pull one of the fillet knives to do most of the work. Just my .02.

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Anything made by outdoor edge

Anything made by outdoor edge is a good place to start. Also if you are hunting in Texas I would check out the local meat processor they are really cheap down there and they get them done in a day or two.

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