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Knee Replacement

I just got a phone call that my brother in law is going to have to have his right knee replaced this summer.  He has been having problems with it for over 10 years now and after it locked up on him the other day he went into the doctors office and got the verdict. 

So have anyone on here had theirs done?  I have talked to a few that have had it done and they say that it is the best thing that they have ever done and a few that wished that they never had it done.  The sad thing is that he is my hunting partner for over 40 years.  We have been on the top of a lot of mountains and hiked a lot more.  I figure that if he gets it done soon enough he'll still be able to get out this fall but if he does I know that he will be very limited.  This is the same person that drew a limited entry elk tag in Utah in 2002 and had triple by pass surgery the end of May the same year.  He refused to turn the tag back in and was out scouting in July and hunting in September and he bagged his elk.  You just can't keep a good man down. 

So anyone have it done? 

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  I have not had it done but


I have not had it done but my 77 year old Dad has and he too says it is the best thing to have completed.  Yes, if your hunting partner has it done soon and also maintains the physical therapy regiment then the hunt will even better this year for him.  Dad said it hurt bad in the begining but after a month of therapy he was very mobile.  My 45 year old wife also had it done last year and she now is back skiing, hiking, and being very mobile with no pain.


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Never had one, but got to sit

Never had one, but got to sit in on surgery for one for my sports medicine degree.  Pretty cool.....

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