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King of the Jungle is Dying?

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King of the Jungle is Dying?

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King of the Jungle is Dying?

In some ways it sounds similar to what happened to the wolf in this country and what will happen with re-introduction. Farmers raise cows for money, lions eat cows. Yep, the lion is going to die. Along comes the sportsman that wants to shoot the lion as a trophy and concern for the demise of the lion comes forward. Sportsmen pay a lot of money to shoot lions, farmers don't get much of it! Game departments, outfitters and PH's want to preserve the lion, they make money off of it. Farmers want it gone, it costs them money.

They have a wild game farm in my state that allows animals to run loose and you have to stay in your vehicle. The only bad thing is that some of the pastures are a bit small. Game preserves are a great thing to preserve animals like the lion.

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