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kind of new to archery, need tips on equipment

I've been bowhunting for whitetail for a couple years now but haven't taken anything (a number of reasons... from crap equipment, to muscle failure, to not seeing ANYTHING for WEEKS even though I KNOW there are deer in the area).

I've got a pretty decent setup now though. Currently I have the following:

Left-handed PSE Nova (needs new strings, peep sight, and stabilizer)

Truglo Rival FX sight

Whisker biscuit

25 1/2 inch Easton 2213 XX75 Superlite with NAP QuikSpin and Twister fletchings

I think my broadheads are Carbon Express Assault LP-3... The arrows and broadheads I got free from a friend who bowhunts.

I've also got a 4 arrow quiver. It works fine but it's black and sticks out pretty bad. I'll have to give it some color.

I'm worried that if I shoot a deer with the broadheads I have I'll lose the animal (looks like the head will leave a hole about the size of a nickel). I know placement is the most important thing, but I've talked to some Amish guys in KY who bowhunt and they say their deer regularly run a mile or more before dropping and many times they lose the blood trail completely. Not sure what their setup is.

The deer around here AREN'T that big. Biggest I've seen is probably 120lbs (I saw a 6-point last year that couldn't have weighed more than 40... he was running a bunch of does bigger than he was). I guess a small broadhead would work fine where I am. The herd in this particular area is in awful condition- there's food EVERYWHERE but little to no hunting takes place so deer are all over but they're tiny.

I plan on hunting my grandad's place in KY where the deer are MUCH bigger. A couple years ago a kid took a 12 point that field dressed at over 300lbs and I'm not sure my set up would drop a big boy like that. Should I invest in heavier broadheads and arrows? What kind of arrows do ya'll use? Do you get name-brand, expensive stuff, or just pick up some cheapo's from the local big Box store?

Also, I'm thinking of getting neon colored wraps for any arrows (current or future) I get to increase my visibility- would that affect the momentum of the arrow?

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the biggest thing about the

the biggest thing about the bow is make sure it fits you,and is set up properly.go to a pro shop have them check your draw length and make sure the bow is set at that draw length.if your not using a release I would highly recommend getting one.also make sure your arrows are sized right for your bow.there are a lot of good browdheads out there.practice a lot and this will help with your muscle fatige(and when your at the pro shop ask them to look at you shoot to help you with proper form. since you have never killed a deer with a bow and you will be hunting in ky,baiting is legal there put out a corn pile it will help with your confidence,i don't hunt over bait but it will give you more action

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I was actually gonna try my

I was actually gonna try my hand at stalking, at least for a couple days. I can't tell you how many times I've jumped deer in the past. I've got a naturally soft step so sneaking around isn't all that hard for me. It's something different to try anyway. Probably wouldn't stalk during rifle season though... too many trigger happy "hunters" around.

There's a pro shop not far from me I'd like to visit soon. They offer free shooting classes so I'm sure they could help me. I have a nasty habit of not bending my arm when I release my arrows so I end up bruising my arm really bad. I know that's out of habit and it's a habit that can only be changed with practice.

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stalking with a bow is

stalking with a bow is tuff,but I have done it.the string brusing your arm is probably due to in proper form so the pro shop should be able to help.
another good thing about ky is there season opens the first sat in sep.so you have a shot at killing a buck in velvet.good luck and have fun

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