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Kimber barrel lengths

I have decided on kimber and maybe the 7mm-08. The 7mm-08 comes in a 22" length, the 270 in a 24" length and magnums come in 26". I don't understand the need for longer barrels. I will be shooting no longer than 300 yards but more than likely up to 200. In a 22" barrel will the 7mm-08 be an effective round or should I look into the 270 or 30.06, which both are in 24"? Keep in mind that this rifle is LIGHT and I will primarily be hunting whitetail.

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Kimber barrel lengths

The longer barrel gives the bigger charges of slower power a bit longer to burn. Thus, giving a bit more velocity, sometimes.
You say your hunting will be limited to deer and smaller. The 7-08 in a 22" barrel would be an excellent rig. If It will shoot them. Speer makes a 145 gr. Hot Cor that seems to be a perfect bullet for the 7-08.

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