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Did anyone see CNN's Anderson Cooper last night about the Kiler Deer. I taped it so I wouldn't be mis-quoteing. One case in Northern California an elderly gentleman was trying to get in his pickup truck and was attacked and severely injured by a buck deer. According to the gentleman(who demonsarated for the program) a buck deer was standing right by the front fender and as he tried to open the door, the animal attacked.
With all due respect, shouldn't some alarm go off, if you find a deer hanging around your front fender andyou're close enought to touch the door handle?
The other articles(one a fatality) were not instigated by humans so the deer can be potentially dangerous, but really how often ?
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Oh man!!! I missed that.

Whitetail Deer kill more humans each year than all other animal related deaths combined. This includes sharks, bear, wolves, mountain lions and Gators. (unless you're a Seminole neener! )
Most deaths are the result of Vehicle/Deer collisions and not outright attacks.

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Any animal during the rut can be dangerous. Just recently in the middle of a residential area of our town we had a mule deer buck tear up a dog. Deer (whitetail and mule deer) are notorious for being very aggressive during the rut and have been known to even come crashing through glass sliding doors because they see their own reflections.

Recently my husband had a "run in" with a bighorn sheep ram while flyfishing in a canyon. The ram had squared off, lowered his head and was ready to literally butt heads with my husband. My husband was just a few feet from him and at the last second started jumping up & down and yelling since he didn't have anywhere to run to or hide behind. The commotion fortunately made the ram back off. Needless to say my husband kept a close eye on him and other sheep in the area and got the heck out of there. Sure wish I could have had a film clip of that encounter!

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