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kids are funny

I have to tell this fishing story.
Courtney is 14 and needed to colect some stuff (water, plants, soil,ect) from the pond for a project at school. I took her and my 3 yr old son down to the pond with a fishing pole to go get what she needed. I droped Courtney at one end of the pond and took Tommy to the other end to try to catch a fish. Tommy's getting pretty good, even though he is only 3. I cast out the rubber worm and while he "tries" to reel it in it hops and twitches, stops, starts, kind of like, everything you need to do to make it look like a fish in distress. Anyway he hooks a pretty nice fish and with his spiderman fishing pole, it gives him a good fight. Well he's pretty excited and when it finally gets all the way in I saw it and said "hey you caught a crappie". I didn't know there were crappies in this pond so I thought it was pretty neat and kept saying to him that I didn't know they were in there. Tommy yells over to his sister all the way across the pond "COURTNEY, COURTNEY, I CAUGHT A CRAPPIE FISH" and Courtney laughed and said "thats OK, you'll catch a better one next time" Laugh

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kids are funny

Sounds to me that they were both right

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kids are funny

Kids make everything worth while. Good story Big smile

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kids are funny


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