Kentucky FWC 2009-10 Proposed Season Dates

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Kentucky FWC 2009-10 Proposed Season Dates

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Help - I need help finding a Kentucky Elk hunting location!

Hey! I need help - first I am from upstate NY - no not near NY City! I live near Niagara Falls.
I hope to be hunting in Kentucky for a Elk this fall. A big whitetail would be second on my wish list.
Anyway, I just retired from being a Firefighter in Buffalo NY. I have always wanted to elk hunt - just never got the time or money together with raising 3 kids and a jack russell terrier.
I have been blessed most years with whitetail hunting locally.

So here comes the "Help!" part - I dont know much at all about finding elk in Kentucky. I cant afford some high dollar guide, nor would I want one of those fenced in deals.
If I am lucky enough to get picked in the draw - I still have no clue as where to go. Since this will be my once in a lifetime deal - I hope some of you out there can sort of point me in a general area. I plan to scout some this summer - but doing that without some help would be useless.
So any suggestions or information - will be greatfully apprecaited - I will agree to stop by and have a few beers at the local pub in celebration once the hunt is done. -