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Kentucky crossbow

This weekend was my first deer hunting of the season. I went out yesterday morning; nice morning but no deer wandered by. Did see four walking in while still pitch dark. They were bedded only about 75 yards off the road and I caught their eyes with my light. At first I wondered what they were (eyes so close to ground) but then they stood, looked at me for about a minute and then took off.

This morning was beautiful; 37* and still. I saw seven deer this morning all but one at 30 yards or closer and two at about 5 yards. Two small bucks, but no shooters. This afternoon I saw nine, all does and all within 25 yards, except one (different stand). All in all a very nice start to the season. M/L on the 15th & 16th in Ky and bucks might be cruisin' by then.  Dancing


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Well, you saw some life,

Well, you saw some life, which is a start.  Gotta love fall, archery opening, those crisp cool mornings.  Supposed to cool down out here this week, maybe down intot he 40's in the mountains.

Best of luck to you! Keep us updated on your progress!

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