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Keeping Track of Obama's Nearly 600 Campaign Promises
cowgal wrote:
There are a few we DON'T want him to accomplish!

No. 320: Repeal law that limits gun-tracing by law enforcement

I could not find the promises of banning semi-auto firearms, implementing micro-stamping, increasing taxes on ammo & firearms, etc. Think

Plus add up the price tags of all these new programs. The money printing press is going to have to work at high speed 24/7. Maybe we should start a pool guessing what our deficit will be at the end of 4 years and how many generations it will take to pay off!

I do like this one:
No. 234: Allow five days of public comment before signing bills

And the following..
No. 235: Require more disclosure and a waiting period for earmarks

No. 284: Expand access to places to hunt and fish
Not sure why he's involved in this area though, since this involves ranchers and farmers, not federal land.

No. 285: Provide more funds to educate young hunters and anglers

No. 493: Give Al Gore a key role on global warming Think

Jeez Louise cowgal, I only got to page 5 of his promises. !!!!

Location: Florida,USA
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Keeping Track of Obama's Nearly 600 Campaign Promises
redrider wrote:
CVC wrote:
Darn I feel bad now....I feel lower than the guy that tells some little kid that there is no Santa Claus.

What do ya mean "no Santa Claus" !!!!!!! Brick Wall,)

Whats next CVC, there is no Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy?
Go Ahead, rip our hearts out. Cry baby

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Keeping Track of Obama's Nearly 600 Campaign Promises

First you tell me there's no unicorns and rainbows for me and now you mess with Santa? Santa?! Next you'll be saying Civetcats not really a hunter or shooter or that Ted Kennedy's car kills people!!!!. Where does the insanity end!!!!


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