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keeping hide in good shape

Hey guys, I tan all my own hides and have done several mounts on my own. Some of the most important things that will keep your cape/hide in good shape are the temp and getting it salted, and keeping it dry. Salting is an important step in the tanning process. It helps set the hair on the hide and also helps to keep the bacteria from growing on the hide which is what usually leads to hair slip. I usually take a few boxes of canning salt,(available in the spice aisle of most mega marts) some old towels and a box of trash bags with me. After skinning thoroughly salt the meat side hide and roll up with the meat side in, wrap in a few towels to absorb the moisture the salt will release, and store in the cooler on ice in several layers of trash bags.. After 10-12 hours I unroll and dry with towels and resalt. Then store again in the trash bags in the cooler on ice. Here is a link for some additional reading........http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/tanning-a-hair-on-hide.htm

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I am glad I read this topic.

I am glad I read this topic. I have discovered that I really don't know how to properly take care of a cape. Thanks everyone for all the information.

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Great post

great post and alot of good idea's I'm never more than a day away from a freezer, but one day I might not be!

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