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Katera or Powerhawk

which one is better? i know the powerhawk is lighter, and the katera shoots 330 FPS. but which one would be the better bow?

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Katera or Powerhawk

First I have seen of the powerhawk. Looks like a real decent bow and good price. makes me wonder if they are going to get rid the the reflex line. I shoot a Reflex HighLander and love it so far. I was planning on getting a Katera but may have to look at this line a little closer. Would like something with a bit more speed as my Highlander shoots 305IBO.

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Katera or Powerhawk

your question is like saying whats better a 7 series BMW or a 3 series BMW.the katera is a 899.00 bow and the powerhawk is a 499.00 bow. answer to your question the katera is better quieter faster but if you dont have 1000 bucks the powerhawk is a fine bow shoots verry nice. Hoyt has been around for like 77 years and nobody else can say they dryfire there bows 1000 times.any disicion that ends up with owning a hoyt is a good one

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