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Kansas Whitetail with Tines and Spurs Outfitters

Now booking for the 2012 season:


We had a great 2011 season and are looking forward to the 2012 season. We have over 12,000 acres in SE Kansas that is managed for trophy whitetails. We have a 140" or 4.5 year minimum. We have limited gun hunts on all properties.....some properties are archery only to ensure quality managed properties for all of our clients!

6 day Archery      $2500

5 day Early Muzz $3000

5 day Gun            $3500

All hunts are guided with meals and lodging included.

We work hard to make it happen!

Contact us for any info or questions and references.


Jeff "JT" Bottoms
Tines And Spurs Outfitters



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